Advanced informatics solutions for predictive and personalized medicine


A Tour of Current MedeoLinx Solutions

Use groundbreaking methods

Biomarker Panel discovery

We combine biomedical knowledge models and statistical machine learning to extract highly robust companion biomarkers for drug development.

Scale up to massive data sets

Integrative Data Analysis

We perform in-depth data mining of genomics (NGS), chemicals, literature, medical imaging and clinical data from quality control and discovery.

Control analytical functions

Disease Biosystems Modelling

We apply advanced systems biology techniques to simulate polygenic disease molecular system aberrations and treatment perturbation effects.

Set it and Forget it

Intelligent Drug Repurposing

We apply network pharmacology techniques to find new and effective ways of repurposing your existing drug portfolio computationally and experimentally.

Get consistent-quality results

Adaptive Clinical Trial Design

We help design adequate, unbiased and well-controlled adaptations of clinical trials to assess evidence of a compound's effectiveness.

Access us from anywhere

High-throughput Data Integration

We build automated pipelines for integrative processing of compounds, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, imaging and clinical data.