Advanced informatics solutions for predictive and personalized medicine


MedeoLinx's expertise in pharmaceutical information technology enables clients to dramatically cut the time and cost necessary to bring a drug to market. Our technology is based on a platform that can be adapted to major therapeutic areas such as cancers, neurodegenerative diseases, neurodevelopmental diseases, type-2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. MedeoLinx is the first Indiana company to develop BioIT solutions that improve drug discovery projects.

MedeoLinx has pioneered the creation of several patent-pending information technology tools to study molecular mechanisms of complex diseases at the genomics and proteomics scales. Our portfolio of patent applications and unique processes help biopharmaceutical clients solve practical problems in new and transformative ways. One of the inventions, a "terrain map", enables scientists to discover and validate molecular biomarker panels with both high sensitivity and specificity. Our approach to new drug discovery process based on computational "connectivity mapping" is also highly innovative. We incorporate "biological network analysis" (which is akin to Google's PageRank algorithm for interlinked web pages) across more than 20 million biomedical abstracts to extract the biomedical information relevant to a biological knowledge domain. This technique significantly enhances the potential for a client to interpret experimental data.

MedeoLinx is a bioanalytical contract research organization that provides suggestive therapeutic solutions in pursuit of scientific health advancements. MedeoLinx is unique in that it has developed tools, processes and patent pending solutions that enables medical diagnostic and therapeutic products to reach the marketplace faster and enhance the health of individuals via speed, reliability, and effectiveness. MedeoLinx develops and applies innovative informatics techniques as one of its tools to enable next-generation development of drug treatments in the emerging predictive and personalized medicine market. MedeoLinx has developed several tools, models and processes to evaluate and filter data from scientific generating activities around the world. Our technological solutions are based on decade-long university research on genomics, proteomics, systems biology, data mining, and applied mathematics to help companies gain substantial competitive advantage in both early-phase and late-phase drug development R&D.

Highlights of our core competencies include the following:

  • Build disease biology models and pharmacogenomics models by integrating information from high-throughput biology data, massive publicly-available biological knowledge bases, and scientific literature. These new models can substantially improve the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of future drug development.
  • Develop multimodal and multi-scale models of "biomarkers" to enable accurate detection of disease subtypes, stratification of patients in response to drugs, and prediction of disease prognosis.
  • Build cost-effective new paths to drug discovery based on multidisciplinary approaches, ranging from genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and bioinformatics, to network biology, systems biology, and systems engineering.

In short, MedeoLinx enables drug development companies and researchers to create cost-effective solutions to bring drugs into the market faster through predictive biomedical models of the disease and human systems.